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I'm not certain how many weather forcasts I heard for this weekend, so this weekend was pretty much hit or miss for weather. Saturday began with a downpour that cleared up before the gate opened. Awesome. It ended up being a beautiful day with a nice cool breeze every so often. Sunday wasn't quite so fortunate. While it did not come close to any of the days we suffered through last year, it was bloody hot and humid. I think I felt it worse because I was dehydrated in the morning. After sucking down a few glasses of lemondade, though, things were much better. It was a busy, busy weekend... well, for me it was... I'm not certain mundane crowds were there. If they were, I failed to notice. It was busy as I was tarrying about attempting to get pictures for the 2000 program, attending a wedding, and watching the first semi-finals for the costume contest. Also, I was told I needed to be down in the Noble's Glade Saturday evening for a presentation of a Turkish embassy. As the nobles whispered during the display, a belly dancing sword dance was simply scandalous. While I didn't get any specific images of the first Friends of Faire feast of the season, I did get images of people eating to show the wonder of faire cuisine... drat, I missed getting someone munching on a pickle. I followed the Danse Macabre for a bit too and was amazed to see them descend upon a vendor at Bald Mountain Leather, sending him to oblivion. Hmmm... this intro is getting bloody long. As you can see by the sheer number of pages uploaded, this week was one for a massive image taking excursion. Enjoy!

For information regarding the faire, check out the Bristol Renaissance Faire's Official Website.

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Molly and the Tinker

The Gypsy Guerrilla Band

The Gypsy Guerrilla Band

The Gypsy Guerrilla Band

Seelie Court with a message

Seelie Court

Seelie Court

Seelie Court

Consorte Bella Donna rehearsing

The Gypsy Hicks

Ne'er a Penny

Breakfast with the Brass


Fairest flowers

Hey Ho, Juggling Show!

Leaving on a note of bliss
The pictures on this page were initially captured at a resolution of 2048 x 1536. Though they are presented by Robyn's Roost at a maximum of 640 x 480, the larger image files can be supplied for prints (does a great job at 8x10 and larger) or other things. For those I have captured a picture of, I'd be happy to supply prints via mail or other exchange for the cost of materials (printed off of an HP-970Cse). This service, of course, is intended to supply a copy of the images to the subject of the picture. Distribution for any other use (in any media format), common sense dictates, will need to be okayed by faire management and/or the subject(s) of the picture.
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